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Inflatable World


OKAY THEN ......

Looks like we'll all be taking a bit of an unscheduled pitstop here in beautiful Crazytown, but feel free to leave your personal belongings on board as your driver will remain with the coach at all times. Please don't miss the opportunity to check out the wonderful on site gift shop while we're here.  Hang in there folks, stay sane, don't get fat and be nice to mum & dad, the significant other and the kids. Remember, they'll be getting just as sick of you as you are of them. Looking forward to seeing you all really soon.

 Zac, Sam and all the crew at Oakleigh Indoor


Oakleigh Indoor Sports is your first choice for great fun, social sports competitions in Melbourne, and now we're also home to Inflatable World Oakleigh, THE place for kids of any age every weekend and throughout the school holidays.

We're easily accessible from wherever you may be, via the Monash Freeway, Princes Highway and both North and Warrigal roads.

As well as running weekly social sports competitions Oakleigh Indoor Sports is also the home of Inflatable World Oakleigh.